Dissertation Editing & More

Offering professional editing services by email at a student-friendly rate.

  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Journal articles
  • Term papers
  • Paper proposals
  • Essays and personal statements
  • Online bios and other web content

Other Services

Apart from editing, some clients ask about other services I offer related to academia. Please feel free to reach out to discuss what you have in mind. Among other things, I can:

  • Coach you through the dissertation process and help you navigate the timelines, roles, and expectations (which often differ significantly per school and department)
  • Take notes for you during your dissertation or proposal defense via Zoom/videoconferencing/streaming
  • Transcribe interviews from your research for you
  • Summarize students’ end-of-term reviews in a constructive and sensitive way if you are a faculty member
  • Tutor or work with you on specific aspects of English/ESOL or writing
  • Answer grammar-related questions to help you understand the reasoning behind an editor’s changes and develop the eye to catch your own writing errors as you go